How Does a Stairlift Work?


We all know that stairlifts are commonly used to help people access first-floor rooms, yet not many people know the inner workings of a modern stairlift. Of course, safety is always a priority and over the years, stairlift design has evolved into a safe, powerful and durable solution to access upper floors.

The Rail

Many people mistakenly think that the rail is fixed to the wall, yet the rail is fixed to the treads of the stairs using special brackets and screws. This gives the rail more downward support and does not damage the walls. Talk to any stairlift engineer in Worcester and they would confirm that the rail is attached directly to the treads.

Electric Motor & Battery

The belt is powered by an electric motor that draws power from the batteries, which are automatically recharged from the mains. A smart charger automatically recharges the battery when necessary and with silent operation, you control the unit from a handy remote.

Swivel Chair

The solid chair swivels for easier access, which is controlled by the remote and once you are seated and buckled up, swivel the chair back and ascend or descend. The chair has folding armrests and the technician guides you through the operating instructions and invites you to use the stairlift with some supervision, making sure you know how it works.

If you are ready to enquire into having a stairlift, Google a local stairlift supplier and ask them to send a technician to your home, where you can discuss the options.

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